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hey guys,

our router/modem has gotten a bit old now. random drop outs and such a pain.. currently sitting not in its case to try and cool it haha.

we currently have a think its a billion bipac 7401vgp? ( look like this.
but we only have one "box" a modem and router together thing.. haha

currently we have one windows pc hardwired to the router, one mac laptop and two imacs connected wirelessly to it. we also have a time capsule next to it

we also run telstra adsl2+ for our internet.

I know nothing much about modem/routers let alone what new one to buy, so any options would be great.

Price range wise, im not sure alsom doesnt have to be the most expensive one out there. just one that will do its job for the money.
EDIT: forgot we also wireless a printer to it/the time capsule (canon mp800r)

Thanks heaps
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  1. A couple of very good adsl2+ modem/routers are: Billion BiPAC 7800N if you don't need dual band, Netgear DGND3700 if you need and want to pay for dual band, or a very good budget model the Billion BiPAC 7700N.
  2. ok well im not too sure about dual band and what that means.

    theres 4 family members:
    - one mainly emails
    - two youtube/internet video streaming a fair bit
    - and i game online a fair bit and download and stream a fair bit of info (wired connection)


    and about 2 iphones and an ipod touch :)
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    Then I would not spend the money on dual band (which also includes a 5GHz band but your adapters probably don't support it so it is not worth any $$ to you). I would really go with the Billion 7800N myself. Here is a review on it that discusses the features:
  4. ok sweet, ill look at picking one up. theyre around 150ish i think. are there any cheap sites around? (im aussie)
  5. Looks like PC Case & Gear is cheapest for the NL version, which only lacks gigabit Ethernet ports and instead has 100Mbps that are adequate unless you do a lot of wired computer to computer large file transfers:

    It seems that Scorpion is cheapest for the N version, which has gigabit and some features that you probably would not use like a second WAN port that supports fiber to the home FTTx:
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