Cannot access Internet with some device only

Hello !
I am currently experiencing trubles with my WiFi network. I have used it just fine for past two years with laptop and iPod Touch 4G, but I am unable to connect my newly built PC to the Internet.

I've used Asus WiFi Go adapter at first because I thought that it's just a hardware problem with it, so I decided to buy TP-LINK TL-WN722N adapter, which has same issues, I can access everything on the local network (LAN), but I can't access the internet, however Windows reports it is connected to the internet. The router I am using is TP-LINK TL-WR340GD.

It is getting frustrating, because it must be misconfigured router but why do the other devices still work ?

I contacted TP-LINK support, but I also hope you can help me resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance !
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  1. Actually I just discovered I can't access router's settings when only on WiFi, but I can access gateway's settings and ping other computers.
    So that MUST be router's fault.
    Another twist, tried on another computerm running Windows XP though and it works just fine, so it's my computer/OS.
    Should I try installing new version of windows on separate partition ?

    I'm still seeking for some information :/
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