Installing soun card on windows 7

i have driver installation issues of my santa cruz 4630 sound card on windows 7 your help is needed
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  1. is it compatible with win 7 , or else try to get update from the sound card manufacturer ..

    Manufacturer's site says Santa Cruz cards are discontinued and not supported!
    But you can give a try with manufacturer's Windows 7 drivers for other cards.

    If nothing works, sell that old card in e-bay, get a new cheap One.
  3. So the older windows drivers don't work when you try to install or what? A while back I was working on a motherboard with integrated audio (soundmax I think) with xp drivers but no Vista drivers at the time. I could not get the xp drivers to install in Vista no matter what I tried. But oddly enough, if I just did a driver update in vista, and pointed it at the old xp partition to look for the audio drivers, it managed to find and install working ones just fine. I have no idea what the difference was and it was an awful kludge, but it worked! (surely there is an easier way than setting up a dual boot though)
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