PC2100 and PC2700 Combined?

Ok, Last year i built a comp with a Tbird 1.4, and 2 x 256 mb DDR PC2100, Comp kept crashing, sent both sticks back to Crucial got 2 new ones, yet the comp still crashed when i had 2 x 256 mb in, so i took one out and left it in the box for a year till the other day.

The memory that was in the mobo died, so i figure it was time to get a new mobo and processor as well. So i got a AthlonXP 2100+, ASUS 7V333 mobo and a 256 mb PC2700. I found the other 256 mb PC2100 the other day. What i was wondering was will there be a noticeable difference in speed if i have both a PC2700 333mhz stick and a PC2100 stick in my comp. With HD's its really noticeable if u have a 5400 rpm drive and a 7200 rpm drive. So will there be a difference?

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  1. sure you can run both the fast and slow ram... but dont expect both to run at fast speeds.
    its HIGHLY unlikely that the PC2100 will run at PC2700 speeds, so you will have to run the mem at 133fsb. so its a bit pointless getting PC2700 ram.

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