PCI network cards aren't working?

hi guys. i built a computer about 7 months ago and the linksys pci adapter worked fine pulling 12ms ping 25mbps down and 6 up but then 3 days ago it got extremely slow, like 2mpbs download slow. but my ping stayed the same and after hours upon hours of research, driver switching, physically removing it and putting it back i figured that the adapter went bad. so i wen't to micro center and picked up a d-link extreme thinking that it will fix my problem and it did for 2 hours, then it came back... so my pc is the only slow computer in the house tho and i don't believe it is a location issue because im relatively close to the router and my evo lte on wifi is pulling the 25mbps down, etc that i used to get.

also an extra note. when i would open up task manager with the old linksys adapter it would say the link speed was 300mbps up until it had to do anything. as soon as i went to watch a youtube video or go to a website the link speed would drop down to 1mbps... the new card however stays at 300mbps but is still giving me the ridiculously slow internet :(

this is driving me nuts and haven't got a clue what to do. all i can do is hope that the pci slot isn't bad because i really don't have the money to replace the board... any help you guys can supply will be greatly appreciated :D

p.s. my computer specs are in my signature
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  1. Have you installed anything of significance in the past three days, particularly anti-virus/anti-malware software?

    Have you tried a wired connection, just to see if it's strictly a wireless problem?
  2. nope. nothing. ive had eset antivirus 5 since i built it. the issue came out of no where. and i kinda did a wired connection. my computer is no where near the router to plug it into so i did the next best thing. i connected to the wifi on my evo lte and then used the usb cord to share the internet with my pc. and when i do that my internet is perfect. i get the low ping and 20ish mbps download and 5 up and while i could just do this all the time, it isn't really practical...
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