Need my subdoman to answer my server's ip.

so at home I have a debian based homeserver running ts3, bnc and minecraft servers.
Now i ordered a domain from a service provider and its all working fine.
Now what i need is to do this: answers to xx.xx.xx.xx:9987 (ts3 server ip) answers to xx.xx.xx.xx:6667 (bnc server ip)
btw. the ip is static and same on each program (ts3, mc etc.)

etc. etc.

How do i do this exactly, does anyone know ? Thanks! :)
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  1. Ask whoever is hosting your DNS (probably the registrar) to create an SRV record for the IP/Ports you want to use.
  2. i have cpanel installed, cant i do it myself ?
  3. Possibly, have a look around the panel and see if there are any controls that allow you to add records.

    You will need to create A records for each host, then create the SRV record for each host using the FQDN and port.
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