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5 seconds to vent, then the question.

For about 2 years now, since moving into a new office. We realized how bad Time Warner Business Cable really is. There are absolutely no words to describe this. Inept on the ground techs, careless in office techs.

They always rush to claim that hardware isn't working. We bought 3 routers, everything is working. At some point, we connected directly to their router, and they still said that

3 out of 4 techs will usually claim that the internet hasn't been down and modem has been online for the last 2 weeks, but then 1 out of 4 techs will admit there is a problem. The internet in the entire office gets disconnected and reconnected within 10 seconds. How can i track the connectivity and create reports so i can prove to them that there is a problem.

its not like a traditional Time Warner 3 day outage. Its periodic 15 second disconnects, which they often try to claim they don't see, but the internet get disconnected for all computers simultaneously.

Please help... thank you..
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  1. Time Warner tech does suck, but you have to at least eliminate your hardware as a problem first. All the PC's losing connectivity at once can aslo be due to a problematic switch/hub. I'd try substituting any switches with new ones or at least try to bypass them in order to eliminate them as a cause.

    Look into the windows performance monitor. I know it can track packets in/out, but not sure if it can monitor an actual disconnect.
  2. i've tried everything. in the beginning, i actually kept buying new hardware. Then i completely removed my hardware and was directly connected to their modem. Same problems, and ironically, they still tried to claim that its my equipment, even though none was connected. Its like twilight zone with Time Warner! I would rather get robbed by verizon then deal with them, unfortunately they are not available in the area. They always say that its not them, just to later admit that it is them. I would love it if i could install some kind of monitoring software that could catch the problem for proof.
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    Can you check the router logs? Most routers have the ability to email their logs when full. Perhaps you can just have the router email you it's logs. You should be able to see when the connection is up or down.

    Also, if you can check the modem logs. This should be absolute proof for them since you are most likely leasing one of their modems.
  4. ISSUE FIXED: The ONLY way i found that fixes this common TW issue is to call level 3 tech support at TW, tell them to put the modem in bridge mode, and then plug your own wireless router into it and only connect to that. not sure why this works but it does. thanks and GL!
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