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I have an HP envy m6, amd a10 processor, 8gb memory, 1Tb drive and the additional Radeon graphics card. It came loaded with Win 8, but I must admit I preferred my old Windows 7 set up better. I know I can use utilities like Start8 to get my start button back but am wondering wether I am better off just downgrading to Windows 7 overall.

HP only offers original bundle software support but that's not really an issue. Just wondering what the ramifications of attempting to downgrade would be ie drivers etc....

Any comments appreciated..
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  1. It's not like u r under warranty or obligation, u can downgrade as long u don't use vista, xp, or even below.....cause they are no drivers for that pc.
  2. The HP support site doesn't seem to list official drivers for any submodel of Envy m6f ro anything below Win 8, though you can probably track them down if they don't come in via windows update.

    It does seem you'll have to disable secure boot to load Windows 7 at all (Go into Bios and select Legacy for boot options)
  3. What I meant was... there are no drivers for xp, vista and below that
  4. I run start8, and haven't seen the tile interface in 5 months.
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    Not pro, nor against - I'm running win 8 on laptop and Win 7 on desktops.
    Have not problems with win 8 (so far). Runing w/Start 8. Will probably Improve with Age - Just like my wife, just may take time.
    And that is the reason for my "bit of advice".

    Anyways, One bit of advice that may help. Use Windows 8 Back-up to perform an Image of your system drive. For laptop, Unless you have daul internal HDDs, this image should go to an External HDD. Eacy way to Re-install if you decied to.
    The buried the tool for windows 8, See:
    For windows 7 it was simply goto Control Panel, Backup and there it was on the leftland pane.

    Any ways on your External HDD create two directories 1) M6_Win 8 Image and 2) M6_win 7 Image.
    Windows will place the Image in the root drive of selected HDD, so You need to move into the appro. directory. (just copy the one you want to restore back to root directory prior to restoring.
  6. I run start8, and haven't seen the tile interface in 5 months. SAME HERE best 5 dollars ever spent
  7. For a laptop I wouldn't downgrade. Just use Start8.
    As you mention drivers especially chip set drivers can be problematical when trying to downgrade a laptop as they are usually on a custom bios. If you cant guarantee to get drivers for W7 from HP then I wouldn't go that route.

    Mactronix :)
  8. Stay with Windows 8, there's no advantage to downgrade to Windows 7, if you're using Start8/Classic Shell. Windows 8 is better than 7, it just has that terrible metro design. Windows 8 with Start8/Classic Shell will seem like an improved Windows 7 in the end, so do not downgrade.

    Start8 will disable both charms and metro from showing up ever.
  9. Thanks all, had pretty much convinced myself that it would b e a pain to downgrade. I have the start8 already and in the 48 hrs or so that I've been using it, I agree, best 5 bucks ever! Still have the charms showing up, as I use the touchpad as opposed to a mouse. Keep managing to catch the edge of the pad and activating the charms. I'll have to relook at the start8 settings to see if I missed something.
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