Brand new laptop but pathetic downloading speed

Hi guys,

So i recently purchased a new laptop, Lenovo y580, came with win7 home premium, 8gbs ram. But i noticed the downloading speed is around 30-100kb/s, which i have no problem getting 1mb/s on any of my other computers. I'm using comcast and i really doubt its their service, i've been googling for the past few days to look for solutions. I tried to upgrade my wireless router firmware, reinstalling the wireless adapter, and they didn't seems to work. Can anyone out there kind enough to help me? :sweat:
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  1. try disabling IP6 on the network card
  2. Being a new laptop, they usually come w/ plenty of bloatware, which might impact performance, esp. anything involving anti-virus/anti-malware. I would try at least disabling it, if not uninstalling it.

    Just to be absolutely sure it's not a hardware problem, boot a live Linux CD (e.g., Ubuntu) and see if performance improves.
  3. I have disabled IPv6 on the network card, it still doesn't change anything.

    I uninstalled all the bloatwares already, i even uninstalled all anti-virus/anti malware sofewares, nothing helps >< anymore helps please?
  4. Did you try the live linux CD idea? I want to determine whether it's a hardware or software problem, and using another OS might provide a clue!
  5. No i didn't, but i happen to have a usb wireless adapter, i plugged it in and it works fine, so i assume it's the built in wireless card problems?
  6. Oh, yeah, same difference, I didn't realize you had another hardware option. So that would seem to point the finger at the built-in wireless adapter.
  7. Perhaps open the back of the laptop and reseat the wifi adapter. Verify the antenna leads are connected and seated as well.
  8. well i contact their support, after 3hrs of waiting and all the indians accent misdirection, they eventually asked me to send it to them and they will fix it, HOPEFULLY they will actually fix it =x
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