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I have recently added a wifi router to my home network. The connection is from my cable modem to a wired router to the wifi router. Everything on the network works great except when I turn on my cell phone's wifi connection. That disconnects my entire network from the internet and I have to unplug/replug my wired router to get reconnected. If I leave home with my phone and return, leaving the cell's wifi setting on, it reconnects to the network without disrupting the internet connection.

Can anyone tell me what's causing the problem?

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  1. By any chance is the phone configured as a wifi hotspot, or do you use it as a wifi hotspot at any time?
  2. I've used it as a hotspot a month or two ago but not since I installed the router. And the phone's been re-booted any number of times since then, including removal of the battery to correct hang-ups. It's a MyTouch 4G (Android) phone. Could the hotspot feature be interfering even when it's not enabled?
  3. Not sure. I was trying to think what could possibly account for this behavior, and the one thing that *might* is if perhaps the phone entered wifi hotspot mode, perhaps even briefly when it was turned ON. Esp. if you used the same SSID and wireless security settings. You’d suddenly have a competing wireless AP in the same location as the wifi router’s AP. Still seems rather bizarre, but that’s all I could come up w/ at the moment.

    Another thing, are you broadcasting your wireless router’s SSID?
  4. Just to clarify, the internet disconnect happens whenever I'm 1) within range of my wifi router and 2) activate my wifi connection on my phone (which automatically connects to the router's SSID). If the wifi connection function on the phone is already active when I come into range, it doesn't interrupt the internet connection.

    And yes, my wireless router's SSID is broadcast, assuming that you mean that its name appears on an app such as WiFi Manager.

    One other point of clarification: I've never used the hotspot function with the signal from my home wifi router. It's only been used while on the road and, as I said, not for some months.
  5. Have you tried factory resetting on your cell.

    I am having same problem but other way around. I also use my laptop as hotspot from time to time. Other than formatting my laptop how can I resolve this issue?
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