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So, my friend has rather slow internet. He's paying for 2 mb/s down and 1 mb/s up. I'm pretty damn sure that's enough to play some games, but I don't understand how he can run a speedtest to his state and states around him and the test is just fine and I don't see anything wrong with it.

But when he goes to play DayZ, Borderlands 2, or anything else. He gets like 1,000 ping and what not. Which leads to him being kicked. But he tells me that he doesn't even experience lag, such as the rubber band effect or warping. He claims the only bad part is that he gets kicked from the server and there's nothing he can do about it.

He has called his internet provider and they claim that there's nothing wrong with his internet and that the employee who has the same internet is playing games just fine.

I don't understand what he can do to fix it, but he can't play anything and it's annoying.


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  1. Speed tests aren't always good figures to go by as they don't always have the network load that a game server may have. Make sure he is playing on servers that are geographicaly close to him. Most games have a server browser that shows the server's name and it's ping and possibly it's location, like eastern US. Pick servers that have low pings and that are nearby.
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