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I've been stuck on this issue all day and I really have no one else to turn to, so I google'd the issue and this site came up. I've been trying to install Windows 7 on my laptop that a while back crashed due to Windows. It would say "Windows loading files" then when done it would go to a black screen.

Now that I have a Windows 7 disc, it goes past all that and takes me to the Windows 7 load screen but here is where my issue begins, I press "Install now" and the laptop continues to display a message along the lines of....

"Setup is Starting...."

It never goes past those line, period. I've waited 30-40 minutes while I went to get lunch and nothing. I think I've tried everything in the book, the CD-ROM also stops at this process, every time and I have no idea why. Hopefully one of you can help.
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  1. What brand and model is the laptop?
  2. Gateway NV53
  3. Hi :)

    WHICH windows 7 disc and version ?

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Sounds like a bad hard drive.

    There is a command line program you can run "during" Windows 7 install. Give me a while (like tomorrow), and I'll draw up a step-by-step to help you.
  5. Most Windows installation problems are caused by bad memory try running a bootable memory test program such as memtest86 for at least three passes. As this is a laptop I would also be suspicious of the hard drive as well, and you should test it with the manufacturer of your hard drive diagnostic utility either from a bootable flash drive or on another computer.
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