Win 7 does not see ssd on new build and will not install

i am building a new computer and windows 7 does not see the ssd, agility 3 120gb, and will not install. i have tried swapping ports, new cables and ide and achi. the drive does show up in bios though. this is the only drive connected on a new build and fresh install .
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  1. Hi

    If a SATA II or III Hard disk works but your SSD does not when using same data & power cables & sata data port as the SSD then I would suspect the SSD has a serious problem.

    Do you have access to another PC with SATA interface to try and partition & format the SSD ?
    (via disk management if it shows up in Device Manager)


    Mike Barnes
  2. What motherboard?

    Did you plug it into a non-native Intel SATA port (i.e. Marvell SATA III)? Then you need the third-party drivers to install the drive to that port.

    BUT DON'T DO IT. The add-on SATA controllers don't live up to the specs of the native SATA ports. You'll be nothing but disappointed!

    If this is the case.

    If you can, download the Linux firmware updater thingy from OCZ, and install it to a USB thumb drive. See if that software can see the drive, do a firmware update, and secure erase it (if needed).

    Or try the "Parted Magic bootable USB drive" thingy, pretty much the same thing, without the firmware updater.

  3. with a new ssd you cant do the quick install of windows. you have to go into advance settings and remove the partion that there from the factory and then let windows make two new one.the data partion and the system restore partion. in till that does windows in quick mode wont see the sata drive.
  4. the mobo is a gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud3, i am doing a new computer build, all new out of the box components. after switching boot order in bios to cd/dvd, i am installing a new oem copy of windows home premium, 64 bit. when the windows installer gets to the part where it is looking for a drive to install windows, it cannot find or detect the ssd. i have tried ports 0, and 1. the 6gb/sec ports. i also tried another of the sata ports. no go.
  5. Windows 7 install should see the Z68 chipset SATA drivers/ports. Mine always do, even in RAID 0.

    Only thing left is to try it on anopther PC, to see if it sees it. But you'll ned to use disk management to see a unformatted drive.

    I just read another post that said most Windows install issues are RAM related. Don't know if it's true.

    I'd look in here for issues with your motherboard. I remember reading alot of threads about Gigabyte mobo.
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