Why won't CAS 2 work on XP?

I recently changed my OS to WINXP from ME. Suddenly, my systme was no longer stable. After long hours of trouble shooting, I finally lowered my memory settings and stablitity returned. Why did this happen. Are there memory settings within XP that need to be addressed? I would really like to return my computer to the performance settings I had pre-XP. I have: KT 266 chipset, crucial 256 MB PC2100, Corsair PC2400 256 MB, 1.4 Tbird, 400 watt PS.

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  1. I don't think it has anything to do with the version of windows you're using. It's more likely that ME never really took advantage of the fast memory timings, while XP actually does, therefore telling you of an underlying problem with the ram. A general rule of thumb is that having two or more memory modules, over one, decreases your chances of running the tightest settings. To make this scenario worse we're dealing with two totally different brands and even differently rated speeds. Most would agree you were lucky to have ran the settings that you did in the best with all the other odds against you. XP is a much more efficient operating system, and it's trying to make full use of the settings thus causing errors since the odds have always been the fastest timings wouldn't work with that setup. For max memory stability, one module.. if two are needed try to make them exact. So it's either live with slighlty slower timings, or downgrade to an OS that wasn't even making use of the timings anyhow :o/

    It might help, so I'll suggest that you try installing the latest <A HREF="http://downloads.viaarena.com/drivers/4in1/4in1442v(a)p2.zip" target="_new">VIA 4 in 1 drivers</A>. It could fix an issue XP is having with the settings, while I still think it's hardware related.

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  2. DDR is picky. You need to have the same brand and the same PC rating otherwise you run into compatibilty problems and problems like what you are having.

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  3. try your systeme with only 1 dimm if it work it prove once again that ...

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  4. Well...this is what I did. I pulled the Crucial 2100 module out and set the ram timing to CAS 2 Interleave 4. This crashed in about the same amount of time that the two module config did. Next I disabled the interleave setting altogether and left it at CAS 2. Bingo!!! Everything was happy and fine. Next I reinserted the Crucial module and I was still stable. Thanks for the help guys!!! I've got to go play some games....

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