Ipconfig /renew why is it not working?

Hello, i have 3 networks.
1. 192.168.30.x
2. 192.168.31.x
3. 192.168.32.x

DHCP works fine most of the time. but if one user comes from 30.x and plugs it in to 31.x via wired connection then the DHCP does not work. I can understand why it does not work. But when i do ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew then it is still getting the 30.x network instead of 31.x

Giving free static IPs from 31.x connects it to the network but why the ipconfig /renew does not work.

Can you help me??
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  1. I would have to suspect a problem with the DHCP server. Run wireshark and capture the request and the offer. It is unlikely but the client may be requesting that address and the DHCP server honoring it.

    If the DHCP server is giving out the wrong address for a network it is normally related to a helper problem or the networks are somehow cross connected and the broadcasts are coming in the wrong interface.
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