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I had a SpeedStream 5100 modem connected to a Dynex 10/100M Router connected to a Cisco 1200 Router. I needed the additional ports to connect several computers. I installed a HP 3052A Wireless Printer to print from two iPhones and and iPad. I set up a network to accommdate the wireless devices. Things all work well until I started having problems with the Cisco router. I decided that it would be more streamlined if I could get ride of three devices and just have one instead. I purchased the A.T.&T. NetGear Gateway Router and set it up with my network. All my wireless devices work fine with the exception of the HP wireless printer. I can find the printer on all my wireless devices when I first turn it on, then in about and hour or so I can't find it at all. If I reboot the printer, then everything is fine for about a hour or more then it drops off the network. The Router is sitting up on a book shelf 7 feet off the floor with no obstructions, and the printer is within 8 feet of it. Does anyone have any ideas as to why the printer keeps going off my network?

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  1. I found it curious you described a rather complex, multi-router setup using this same printer, mentioned having a problem w/ the Cisco router, but not whether it was related to this printer problem. I assume it was or else why mention it? Because if it was related, it might provide a vital clue. It’s really easy to mess up a multi-router configuration and have devices seem to “disappear” or never appear at all in Windows network discovery.

    Anyway, I take it your new router has completely eliminated all these other routers and they’re now out of the picture, completely.

    When the printer "drops off the network", is it only the name that drops, or the actual connection to the wireless printer?

    The reason I ask is that it's possible for a device to lose its "name" from the network, but still be accessible via its explicit IP address (e.g., Even if you can’t see it in network discovery or print to it, can you still PING it from the command line either by name or explicit IP when it does disappear?

    I just want to be sure it's really gone, completely inaccessible, and not just a naming problem.
  2. The comment you made about the device losing it name, where do I find this name on the network? I looked at the router stats and it indicates the number of wireless clients I have on the network, but not the names of those clients, please explain,

  3. Was unable to connect to the printer again. I logged into the router and checked the client list and was one device short. I checked the connections and all passed, then put in the printers I.P. address and did a ping and it wasn't sending or receiving packets. I rebooted the printer and did the same as before and the printer was on the network and the ping indicated it was sending and receiving fine. Do you have any ideas from what I've described?

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