Can't reset from high contrast in ease of accessability

Here's one for a Win 8 expert: I set the ease of access (in Win 8 Pro) to high contrast, just to see the setting and thought that it would be easily reversed. Nope, now all I get when I get past the start screen (password screen) is high contrast white/yellow on black. I tried resetting the buton several times. No luck. I can reset from high contrast in the start (password) screen, but that doesn't take. I can't get this kludgey POS to reverse the high contrast setting. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Lol I did that as a prank on my roommate and he was freaking out. That was on windows 7 though.

    If all else fails, do a system restore.
  2. That may very well be the solution, but I'd like to hear any other ideas.
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