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I want to use my ADSL as wifi for my mobile phone

Hey there,
I want to do this connection:-

DSL cable--> Modem --> Wireless Router --> use WiFi on my mobile.

Is it okay or I need a PC in between????? I don't have PC with WiFi Connectivity....... ;)
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  1. You don't need a PC in order to use the wifi of your mobile device, just connect the mobile device to the wireless router and GO!
  2. So, its like connect the "new router" to modem and let my mobile phone do rest of the things.....
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    Unless I'm missing something from this picture, that’s all you need. You have a modem and wireless router. You can connect any wired or wireless devices you want to that router, which doesn't have to include a PC. Of course, a PC would be *nice* to have so you could configure wireless security, but that could be done from your mobile device's web browser if you prefer.
  4. Ok thnx for throwing ur time on me....eibgrad....thnx alot... :D
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