Opinions on two differant PCI WiFi cards...?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a half decent wireless card for a new build iv just finished for a friend, she regret to tell me it would be very difficult to plug it into the router.
Iv narrowed it down to these two.... Opinions please

Card 1: TP LINK 450Mbps Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adapter
Card 2: Linksys By Cisco Wireless-N PCI Adapter with Dual-Band

Cant buy one from Newegg as I live in the UK if you have a good N WiFi card I am still open for suggestions!!!

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  1. Just realize one is PCI express, the other PCI. I'd probably opt for the PCI express since that’s the faster bus, is rated @ 450Mbps vs. the PCI adapter @ 300Mbps, and it's cheaper, which is always nice. Beyond that, I doubt anyone would ever know the difference.
  2. Awesome Thanks :D
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