Belkin N150 & Verizon Actiontec - wiring question

Hello -

I need to put a Belkin N150 Wireless Router in my garage because I have poor reception from my Verizon Actiontec in the house.

I had a 25 cable I ran into my attic from the house to the garage. Should the wire be straight or reversed?

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  1. Thanks for the article - I checked it out; but it does not clearly outline what to work on...

    In my case, I have the Verizon box as the primary router, connected to my PC. I have couple other machines connecting wirelessly to it. Now I want to run a cable from the Verizon box into my garage and ending up on the Belkin wireless connector with 3 devices wirelessly connecting to it (and ultimately to the Verizon box and to the net).

    Thanks again.
  2. You're just converting the Belkin router into an AP (access point). To do that, you need to give the Belkin a static IP in the same network as the primary router (Actiontec). For example, if the primary router is using, perhaps make the Belkin, just as long as the IP you choose is not used elsewhere, such as the DHCP pool of the primary router. Now disable the DHCP server on the Belkin and connect it to the primary router LAN to LAN.
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