I need to choose!

Which HD 40GB (or more), ATA100 or 133, 7200rpm, 2MB cache is the best: Samsung, Seagate, Maxtor, Quantum, IBM, Fujitsu...
I heard that Quantum and Samsung are the worst and IBM, Fujitsu, Seagate are the best. Is this true?

???And also: Do I need a HD cooler (my max case temp is 45C)???

my new system:
A XP 1600+
Asus A7v266-C
256MB PC2100 CL2 Samsung
Tt Volcano 6
Asus GF2 GTS 32MB 5ns
CDRW 32x10x40 LG
NEC floppy drive
Mid tower case w/ 3 8x8cm fan (air out) and 300w PSU
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  1. System Specs that the new Hardrive will go in please?

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  2. Avoid IBM.
    Seagate, Maxtor and WD are great.
    Toss a coin...

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  3. if you have a standard case with casefans then normal airflow will be sufficient.

    given that your casetemp is 45C i would have to say one of the following things.

    A. you live in a very hot climate, and thus it might be a good idea getting a HDD cooler or put the HDD behind the front casefan (assuming there is one)

    B. if the room temp is cool, yet your casetemp 45C, i would seriously reccomend better case cooling.

    C. if the case feels cool, then the temp is being missreported.

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  4. Don't buy a IBM drive. They are the worst.

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