How do I bypass the gateway laptop internet switch

On my Gateway laptop there was a switch on the left side. It turned the internet access on or off. The switch broke off, and now I cannot access my wireless internet, I have to be corded.
Can I turn off the switch within the computer so I can access my wi-fi?
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  1. I would contact Gateway in this case, since it's not clear whether this button physically alters the circuitry, or just triggers a software reconfiguration. If it’s the latter, it may be possible to trigger it on/off from a command line. Or perhaps even disable the button in the BIOS. But again, I'd run it by Gateway since they know their hardware better than anyone here.

    Should the worst happen, you can always get one of those mini USB wireless adapters. They're small and unobtrusive, and not even all that expensive.
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