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I was wondering if it's possible to have two NICs on one PC connected to different networks so the PC can access both. For example NIC 1 would have IP to access the local network and NIC 2 would have a public IP like to access the internet. Would this setup allow me to SSH into over the internet and then access the local network?

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  1. Yes, and yes, if you enable Internet Sharing.
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    That would work. Which OS are you using? If all you need to do is access your PC through SSH, why not try port forwarding on your router?
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  4. Thanks for the reply Luke. We haven't built the box yet still in the planning stages but I believe it will be running some flavor of Linux. That is a great idea to just port forward instead of giving it a public IP. This box will most likely also be hosting an FTP server so I could port forward 21 for this as well.
  5. No problem, just one thing, I think FTP requires both 20 and 21. One is control and the other is for the data... I couldn't tell you which is which though! But yes, that will work, just make sure you are using good passwords!
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