Unable to connect to a 2nd PC

Hello all,
I have a strange problem. I think it is because, i dont have too much technical knowledge on networking..
I have got a Internet connection from unity media & i also purchased the router (D-LINK 600) from them :(.
I have a personal laptop- lenovo which was first connected to the direct Modem with ethernet cable.
I was able to connect to the internet.

After 2 days, i attempted to use the Router. There was a CD wizard provided & attempted to use it....! The CD wizard is basically to configure the Router for its domain ID - Pswd & SSID with Pswd.
But the internet (wired) from the router was not working still...

However, When i check for the devices, the new SSID would be visible & asks for password. Only right password was accepted. but the internet doesn't work...!

One fine day, i noticed the default router setting
Unfortunately, it was in german & i couldn't understand excpet user ID and password.
I later did trails & dont know what all i have set. Finally the internet to my primary laptop started working.. :) through the router & wired.

The problem now is, When i try to connect the 2nd laptop (wired/ Wireless), the internet doesn't work.

Lately, i find the detailed user manual in Unity media site for configuring the router.
But, now, i can't access the configuration any more :(.

So, questions are
1. How to see the configuration Page again?
2. How to enable the router for connecting to Other laptops?
3. How to enable the Wireless network?

PS: I have tried to open the from the 2nd laptop too. It doesn't work there either.

I will be glad to all the answers /attempts in fixing this.

Please help. The 2nd laptop is for work & need it very badly.

THANKS Everyone in advance for reading this & replying with suggestion,
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  1. Reset your router to the default settings, either by reading how in your manual or generally by holding down the reset button (usually in a hole that needs a toothpick or straightened paper clip) on the back. Then connect to a computer with an Ethernet cable and use the default user (admin) and password (none) to connect at the default ip ( and open the configuration pages.

    Then I would suggest manually configuring your settings as the automatic methods are poor and leave you in the dark. Insure that DHCP is on and assigns in a range of to .128 or so, insure that your computers are set in the networking control panel to automatically acquire an IP address from the gateway (router), make sure that wireless is on, enable WPA (preferably WPA2) security, create a security passphrase (and write it down as you will need it to enter into computers or devices that you want to connect) and you will be good to go.
  2. Thanks very much. I will try i now.
  3. Hi,
    I was able to connect both the laptops. Thanks. I t was simple to reset!

    However, the wiFi doesn't work. Dont know why!
    Any tips?

    System doesn't even ask for secret phrase when connecting to the WiFI & says message as unable to connect.

  4. When you reset you have to reconfigure all the wireless setting. Some routers disable the wireless until you configure them. Go though all the menus and verify the wireless in the router is configured correctly. Could be as simple as your SSID is different.
  5. You have to go in and set the security type in the computer wireless adapters to the same as the router or they won't even try to connect. Figure out which security types are available in each wireless adapter and choose one that everything will use. Then you can save the passphrase in the router and the adapters will actually try to connect.

    For example at home I use WPA2 AES so that I get full N speeds, as using PSK-TKIP defaults your connection to slower speeds.
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