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Running Asus P6T V2, Radeon 5700, 3 ocz, zalman cooler,i7-920 lga1366 Win 7 as the os and the screen goes red, or purple, or blue and needs to be completely rebooted. Is this an issue with Win7/ATI compatibility ?
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  1. Is it an occasional thing? There is a known issue with that series of graphics cards. ATI just released a hotfix for the 5800 series. They are still working on the 5700.,9604.html
  2. Yes it is an occasional thing, but infuriating nonetheless.
    I actually stumbled on a thread elsewhere on these forums after posting this.
    Apparently this is a common issue with the 5700 series and ATI has yet to release a hotfix for 5700.
    ( this was my very first "from the ground up" build, so it's a bit frustrating to find that the issues are with the vendor, not my skills or lack thereof)
  3. Yep, exactly. They got on the 5800 fix relatively quickly. I imagine it shouldn't be too much longer for the 5700 fix.
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