Software to find the heaviest bandwidth user on LAN

HEy, I need to find a free software to find who is the heaviest bandwidth user on my LAN.
The problem is that some of the users on LAN keep downloading/uploading all the time & i couldn't get to view any web-pages :pfff: .....
Guyzz, please help me :bounce: ........I need a FREE software......
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    Only way you are going to get this is if your router provides it as a option. If you can load dd-wrt on your router it can to a point give you this with it built in screens. It also has the ability to export this type of data to a netflow server. There are free versions of netflow but it is not a trivial thing to get configured.

    If the router is not a option then you are stuck. You would have to load software on each machine and monitor from there. Your only other option is to insert a device between the router and lan to monitor the traffic but this is hardware which will not be free.

    One key thing that makes the internet safe is that you cannot just look and analyze data from other machines. Because of this there is no software you can run on your machine that can detect what other machines are doing.
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