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Not able to connect to any servers

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Last response: in Networking
September 29, 2012 2:57:09 PM

Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section, didn't know where else to put this.

I've been having this problem for the past few weeks, if not months. For a few days, or maybe around a week lol, I havent been able to connect to any Game-servers, may that be Steam, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 or any of that. I have opened all ports, firewalls are disabled/uninstalled. I've seriously tried every single thing I've read, but I can't get anything to work. My sister can play without any problems, so I think it has something to do with my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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September 29, 2012 8:21:22 PM

Bump, really need some help with this.
September 29, 2012 8:34:28 PM

First off, do you have internet connectivity on your PC?
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September 29, 2012 11:42:48 PM

Has anything on your network changed recently? A new router perhaps?
September 29, 2012 11:52:51 PM

Nope, nothing, have had everything for I think 2 years now. My router is a Netgear RP614v4 and I have a Zyxel ES-105A switch on my desk.
September 30, 2012 12:20:18 AM

What happens if you remove the switch and connect directly to the router? Is your sisters PC connected to that switch?
September 30, 2012 12:40:54 AM

My sister is on wireless, and connecting directly with the router didn't help :/ 
September 30, 2012 1:15:46 AM

Also, I can't direct my PC directly with my router, tried, not possible.
September 30, 2012 1:31:16 AM

It's something to do with your PC for sure. Did you install anything right before this happened?
September 30, 2012 1:33:37 AM

Nope, don't think so.
September 30, 2012 4:02:07 AM

Hmm, what operating system and what anti-virus/firewall.
September 30, 2012 1:52:36 PM

I've powercycled everything yesterday and it seems to work again :) . I always only just restart router and switch and not everything, propbably should do that more.
September 30, 2012 8:06:38 PM

So everything is up and working again like it is supposed to be? Good.
September 30, 2012 9:08:37 PM

Yep :) 
October 1, 2012 12:49:40 AM

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