Hi, I just built a new computer about a m/o ago and it was running fine until...

Here the story:
I run my computer a lot, it's on like 24/7, not always doing something of course, just leaving up my away message for AIM or whatever.
I bought a barebones system (Intel motherboard that supports the 2.53 p4, 2.53 p4 cpu, 512 pc 1066 ram, case, power source).
I leave the side of my case open btw.

Ok, like I said it's been running just dandy, but today I was watching some TV and I hear a pzzzzzzt sound and from the corner of my eye I see a big blue spark somewhere around the HDD, as I get up to go unplug the system (took me about 6 seconds to get there) it had stopped pzzzt'ing by the time I got there, I unplug the computer anyways. After a minute I plug it back in and try to start it up (I dunno what to do so...yah :) ) and nothing happens, no light or anything.

So, any idea about what happened? If you need more details reply here I'll be checking this thread a lot...
I didn't know where to post this so I put it here because the spark happened at the HD :P

Thanks for any assistance you can provide :D
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  1. a big blue spark from around the hard drive area eh? certainly unusual...

    given that your PC doesnt start or anything my best guess would be that your PSU has shorted out on something... or the PSU burnt out. possibly a loose molex connector touching the frame or drive cover leading to a power surge.
    Becauze if its only a hard drive thats fried the system should startup, just not detect any drive.

    at this point its impossible to tell if anything else was damaged.

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  2. P.S. i noticed you said you left your PC on, yet dont really run anything with it... <b>SHAME!</b> lol
    you could be running cure for cancer or protien folding using the system idle time productivly.

    i run cure for cancer all the time. my cpu doesnt know what idle is :wink:

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  3. UUUhhhhmm, any idea on how I could figure out exactly went wrong? :P
    No fancy abbreviations without explaining them please because I r stoopad! :) (PSU=? power source unit? I dunno :\ )
    How can I find out if it was just the power source or whatever, buy a whole new one?? :(
    Thanks for the response :D

    I didn't know that program existed :) What's a URL so I can read about it :P

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  4. only real way to figure out whats wrong would be to test each of the main components. probably best taking it to your local computer shop.

    PSU = power supply unit. that box with fans up the top back of your case with lots fo wires comming out of it. if its dead, nothing works lol
    but easily replaced, providing your system isnt a dell or a compac or other prepackaged junk ;)

    there are a few out there, so u can chose what good deeds to do ;)
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  5. We had a harddrive go bad in our computer the other day. We were just surfing and what not when the Power Supply blew a capacitor. I took it out and put in a new power supply, and still didn't get anything from the computer

    One of the harddrives had shorted (I put an ohm meter on the molex pins of the drive and they were completely shorted) it blew the first one, and the second one wouldn't even try to start up, until I unplugged the bad drive. Then the computer came up fine.

    If you want to fix this your self, first unplug power from the drives (except for one, because PSU's need a load) and unplug the IDE and floppy cables, and try to start it. If it starts, you can try to narrow down which drive is having a problem.

    If it still doesn't work, I would unplug the power from everything, motherboard and drives, but leave like a floppy drive plugged in. The power supply should have a green wire on the connector that went to the motherboard. Use a paperclip to connect the green wire, to any one of the black wires, and the power supply should come on. If it doesn't, the power supply is bad.

    And if you are totally confused by my ramblings, I could try to explin it better, or lhgPOObaa is right, you could take it to a local computer shop.
  6. same thing when my friend came home one nite drunk and poured beer into his case LOL
    i took a short look at it, and just told him in a kind tone of voice to go to a computer shop.

    in the end it needed a new psu, a new cd rom drive, then less than a month later, a new burner and soundcard, probably from associated issues.

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  7. Mmmm, Beer... not the best for computers, though.

    I work at a repair shop and I try to help people over the phone as much as I can, but when thigs get too complicated, it's just easier to bring it in.

    Even if they want me to come to their homes it is usually better to bring it to us. For one thing, we have all the tools we need right there. We can swap parts into our bench machine to see what is good, and what is toasted.
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