after WindowsXP there will be Windows Longhorn followed by Windows Blackcomb. The question is...are you satisfied with XP?

Push record, push send, push your expectations...yes you can
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  1. Ok.

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  2. Hey space cadet, why don't you find the nearest XP Window and jump through it. Better yet why don't go the doctor to see if you could get your head surgical remove your from your ass, because no one here can hear what you are mealy-mouthing about. You make no sense. You need help!

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  3. Yes, I love Windows XP. Of course there's room to grow, it's not the perfect or end-all OS, but it's great.

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    Don't step in the sarcasm!
  4. aargh! XP's slowness in 3d s max is pissing me off!

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  5. I can't get NOOO ... sa-tis-fac-tion.

    Ask my girlfriend.

    Seriously, I won't be happy with an operating system until I can throw away the keyboard, the system is wired through-out the house, one of my bedroom walls is the display, and the voice module sounds just like Barbara Eden.

    WinXP is <i>alright</i>. But I still see more odd errors just running the system than with Win2K SP2. Let's see what happens after the first, full service pack is released.

    You think I'm kidding about Barbara, don't'cha? :wink:


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  6. I saw her on tv last week and she still looks great.
    She has got that giggle that is.....

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