Toshiba dvd drive not working

I have a satellite c675. The dvd drive was working a couple days ago, but now it won't play anything. I'll put in a dvd disk and it would take some time to read it. Then it says please put a disk in when there is already a disk in it. I checked the properties and it says it's working fine when it's really not. Help!!
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  1. Have you checked it with several disks, both DVD and CDs? If yes, try cleaning the pickup heads (with the laser "eye") with a soft cloth or a cotton swab. If that does not work, drive is probably broken, need a new one.
  2. The drive may be dying. You'll have to change it. But since it's a laptop, it might cost more.
  3. the lasers get weak over time and will stop reading DVDs and then CDs, DVDs being "denser" need a stronger laser to read. unfortunately the drive will need replaced.
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