Soundblaster Live Value play 5.1 sound ?

Probably a stupid question but want to know for sure before I buy my 5.1 speakers.

Does the older Soundblaster Live Value (not the DE 5.1 model) support 5.1 sound without a external decoder ? I'm looking to upgrade my pathetic 2.1 speakers with some nice 5.1 ones but need to know if I need to upgrade my sound card as well !?!

If I do need to upgrade what do you guys recommend for a low budget on a WinXP 1.33 Thunderbird ASUS motherboard machine ? I was just thinking of getting the Soundblaster Live DE 5.1 sound card which I can get here (Australia) for about ~$80-100. Are there any better options for around the same price (AUS $)

Thanks in advance for any help/advice !
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  1. No, the regular Live!Value card doesn't support 5.1 (at least not mine). We don't have the DE card in America, but it's probably a good choice if you don't have a VIA chipset. Personally, I never had any problem with a Creative card installed on a VIA system, but some people say they have. You could also get the Guillemot GameSurround Muse 5.1 in your price range. I'm not too familiar with this last one. While it has all the features you're looking for, I don't know about reliability and compatibility. At least, it doesn't have any issues with the VIA chipset.

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