Windows Media Player 12 How To?

WMP 12 works just fine, but I don't like the control bar covering the video. Anybody know if this can be changed so the control bar and progress bar are visible all the time without covering the video?

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    Open Media player. Press ALT key from keyboard. Go to TOOLS->OPTIONS. Click OPTIONS. UNCHECK Allow autohide of playback controls. Click APPLY->OK.
  2. Great! Thank You.

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  4. You Are Most Welcome. :). Anytime Any Problem, Don't Hesitate To Ask.
  5. The other thing I'd like to do with WMP 12 is have the total length of the video displayed. It comes up with just the running time and clicking on the time changes it to running time/total time. Is there a way I can make running time/total time the default?

  6. Sorry, I found no way to do that.
  7. Just for everybody's information, I installed Media Player Classic Home Cinema and it works great. Displays stuff the way I want.

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