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Product key for windows 7 ultimate toshiba

windows 7 ultimate toshiba is not genuine so I need its product key to activate my windows.Please mail the product key to me.
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  1. do not use non-genuine operating system. could harm your pc as they often come riddled with malware.
    for a key, you need to buy one from micosoft or a reseller... or use a free linux os. you could choose from various distros to fit your preference.
    what you're asking for is piracy and tomshardware does not support piracy. read the forum rules please.
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    Have a free one on me.

  3. wow, I can have this key for free and will it works?? I'm looking for Ultimate key. Does anyone can tell me where can I buy it for cheap, but genuine?
  4. das_stig said:
    Have a free one on me.


  5. I was asking about the genuine one, not fake...
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