hey guys, i have a problem with deathadder 3500 right handed mouse.

after i finish installing the driver, it asks me to restart, i clicked restart later.

and i opened the driver, everything is fine, i see the 3500dpi option, firmware and driver are all up to date.

but when i manually restart, the driver interface won't recognize the firmware version, i get "N/A", and the maximum i can go up to is 1800dpi..

i tried installing it and click restart right away, then same thing happens.

it's only right after i can get it right.

anyone experiencing the same issue?

much appreciated.
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  1. Hello atsung;

    Doesn't sound like a Windows 7 issue.
    You should run this question by the DEATHADDER support website.
  2. Did you try a less, older version of the driver?
    Try this one, from 2010.
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