Weird wireless adapter problem

I have a desktop and bought a wireless adapter to hook up to my apartment complex's wireless network through cox. We have had no connection issues for several weeks.

Randomly, both IE and Firefox stopped displaying webpages. Firefox displays the message "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading."

Our apartment complex has tech support, so I called him and we went over so many things. He thinks he found the issue, but he doesn't know how to fix it, so I am hoping maybe someone here can.

The issue, as he says, is that when I do an ipconfig /release, I SHOULD be showing, under my wireless adapter, the ivp4 address as When I do the release, it shows no ivp4 address, period.

It shows I have, and am connected to, the internet and the connection. My apartment complex has 5 different wireless connections I can try, and all result in the same problem. I am able to ping google, yahoo, etc, but when I try to ping my apartment complex's wireless connection (their router) it fails.

Things I have tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless adapter and software, system restore, reinstalling windows, restarting the WAN service under services.smc, unchecking ivp6 under my wireless adapter properties. I have tried disabling McAfee and Windows Firewall. I have no idea what else I can do.

I also should note that I have 2 computers of the exact same model, and both present this same exact problem when I connect the wireless adapter to it, so it leads me to believe it is something to do either with the adapter or something with the connection from the adapter to the router. (I can connect to the wireless connection but not to the router itself to login to my complex's internet agreement page.)

I have Windows 7 32-bit. I was in the process of signing up for Netflix when this happened, and did not download anything.
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  1. Wow, never mind, apparently it was McAfee. Uninstalled it, and can connect again.
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