out to buy sound card,need some help picking

Okay,I have an amd 1.3 thunderbird.It is running on win98 and has 512 ram.It is a aopen motherbaord mk33 with a via kt133 chipset.

Now the reguirments for ths sound card are :

It must have current drivers for the win 98 os-less than 2 months old and have full dx 8.1 support.

It should be roughly $90 of less,Im not willing to spend alot.

I would want the card maker to support dx 9 which I hear will be out at end of year even for my win 98 os.

I will want to hear from people who have the card and have played morrowind and NWN's.If it has problems with these games I will NOT consider the card.
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  1. The Vortex 2 is two years old, it's latest drivers are two years old, and it is supported BY every revision of DX since 6. It works perfectly under 98 and hates your chipset. I've played all the latest games including those two (gay) games you've listed, without problems.

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  2. Get an Audigy for 60 bucks at NewEgg.com.

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