Hotmail works on my iphone but not my computer

I'm having the same problem. On hotmail, the inbox opens, but when I click on any emails there, the links are dead and the emails won't open. It happens almost every day, but only on a computer - any computer. It happens on my work PC and my home laptop. It happens on Firefox, Chrome, and IE. However, the hotmail works fine on my iPhone. The problem is not on my end, it's a problem with hotmail, so I'm about to cancel my account and migrate everything to gmail.
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  1. Log off Hotmail and shut down your iPhone.

    Does Hotmail work OK on your computer then?
  2. I had this issue about six months ago. It has returned. I can access with Chrome or IE but not FireFox. iPhone webmail works as expected.

    The environment is Win 7 Ult, SP1 X64. I was not able to cure it the last time, did a rebuild, as a last resort after install and uninstall of anything related.

    Firewall, Antivirus is at state no changes.

    No windows updates at time of the problem.
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