How to connect wifi enabled mobile to desktop pc using wifi router

well i am currently using a BSNL DNA A211-1 wifi modem-cum-router with a wireline inbetween my PC (win7 ultm) & the router, so as to connect to the internet. i use the wifi feature of my router to connect my samsung gts5570 wifi enabled phone as well as a few other wifi enabled devices, to use internet on them. now i was thinking whether i can connect my desktop pc to my mobile phone using this wifi router somehow? how can that be done since there is already 2 different network that exist between my pc & router thru wireline & my mobile & the router thru wifi, all i need is a way to sync these to networks into one, so that my pc & my mobile use internet & at the same time they connect to each other as well. i know i can use a usb cable, as i've been doing that already but if ther's a way to create this kind of network, kindly let me know too. thanx.
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  1. If your PC and wireless devices are all connected to the same wireless modem/router, all those devices are already networked, whether wired or wireless. And you don't have two networks, only ONE.

    So the basic connectivity is already there. Now whether you can perform any useful functions between them just depends on the applications/services available on each, and whether they are intended to be share across the network. For example, if your desktop is sharing folders and your wifi mobile device has an application that can access shared folders, perhaps an mp3 application, then you could play/stream those files from the desktop to that device. And vice versa, if the wifi mobile device is offering services of its own, they should be available to your other wired and wireless devices.
  2. well i recently downloaded 2 apps namely 'reverse tether' & 'ip webcam' from the android market on my phone. both the applets connect my cellphone to my desktop pc via the wireless router. my phone is connect thru wifi to the router where as my pc uses a wireline to connect to the same router. but the ip webcam applet is memory intensive where as the reverse tether applet specifically fails to connect to the desktop after using it repeatedly for certain times. is there a way to map this network permanantly in the windows explorer on my pc, so whenever my mobile is online it automatically shows as a 'drive' in the explorer content? i don't wish to use any andro applet for this purpose or wud i always need an applet becoz android & windows r 2 different os?
  3. I don’t use any Android devices, although I do use iOS (Apple) devices from time to time. And if Android is anything like iOS (which I’m sure it is), you always need an app/applet because the OS itself has no reason to maintain a persistent connection w/ some other OS’s resources. In fact, in most cases it's assumed the device’s primary network is the internet. While local access is possible, it’s generally up to individual apps/applets to both provide and manage those connections.
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