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Hi All,

You will have to bare with me as my technical knowledge of computers is very limted!

Whilst trying to join the local homegroup network, I found out the issue was that my WORK laptop was connected to a domain & unable to share files because of being connected to this EX company domain/network.

Naively, without first checking consquences, disconnected from the WORK domain & made the computer use for home & renamed it. Upon doing so, was asked to re-boot.

On re-booting, the adminstator login password had resorted back to the one when setup originally?? As my normal password was not being accepted. I must add - I NO LONGER WORK FOR SAID COMPANY AND HAVE NO WAY OF ACCQUIRING PASSWORD/NETWORK/DOMAIN ACCESS DETAILS ANYMORE!

I then used the windows password unlocker tool (£20 paid) to gain access back to my laptop. Obviously now realising a lot of very important information, emails, all desktop icons & file locations were no longer where they were supposed to be :fou: I spent an hour searching everywhere... The hard drive is still saying it has 150gigabyte of use & certain files display more data in 'properties' than is actually displayed in the folder itself.

After doing a little research it looks like all my files, emails etc are in this imaginery 'domain' that I am now unable to access at all & no longer have the details to re-join again! A few files are still dotted around where they are supposed to be but a lot no longer accessable.

With no access details to re-join this domain, is there any way AT ALL of re-claiming these files? Any 3rd party software, hard drive recovery software? Easiest way, cheapest way possible would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance to all.
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  1. It all depends on how the old domain was set up. Look in "C:\Documents and Settings" (for XP) or "C:\users" (for Vista/Win7), this is default place where user profiles are stored. Your old profile is most probably still there, with your desktop / files / documents.

    You will most probably have to take ownership of these folders, and change permissions. Make sure you setup Windows Explorer to show "all files".
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