Internet Connection but not Firefox or IE

I just bought a laptop a few weeks ago and it's been working flawlessly up until this point. Its a dell Studio 1440z laptop. I have been using it on the internet successfully for the entire time ive owned it. Windows 7 x64 Ultimate is on it.

This morning however I awoke my laptop out of hibernation and suddenly it wouldn't connect to the internet. I opened firefox and IE separately and they just spin around saying "connecting" though they never time out. They just connect forever.

Heres whats weird:

1. I have wireless bars still (and there is no yellow ! sign)
2. Other laptops are using the internet wirelessly with no problem
3. I can ping any website,,, anything
4. Windows Update even dowloaded and update and installed it, I watched it download.

Ive restarted, tried to repair, everything. Ive disabled the wireless card and turned it on again.

Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you literally mean "hibernation", not sleep, frankly, I've never trusted it anyway, esp. when it comes to the network. Some things just never seem to work right when returning from hiberation, w/ wireless particularly troublesome in my experience. I almost always have to reboot to gets things right again.

    Now if you're saying it NEVER gets back to normal, even after a clean reboot, that's another story.
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