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I have a dell Inspiron n4010 it had Trojan viruses on it so I did an reinstall from the recovery partition now windows 7 will not boot I get a flash of the blue screen of death with a stop error 0x0000007b I can't get in to windows to check anything. I no longer have the dell disks that came with the comp. I have tried to reinstall from the partition 3 times and no luck. Even trying to boot to safe mode gives me the same error. What should I do?

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  1. Hello Spankylips;

    Are there any important files and personal data you need to get off the hard disk?
    You can make yourself a bootable RescueCD (or USB thumb drive) that should let you access your files.

    Have the Win7 license key (25 digit code) handy?
    Once you get anything you need backed up you can try a repair install or a clean install with a copy of Win7 you can download and burn to a DVD drive.
  2. This could be hardware related since the OP is facing this issue, even when getting in through safe mode.
    But the problem is, it's a laptop. Might as well you'd have to send it for repairs. But like WR2 said, if you've got any important files, do a backup first.
  3. Stop 7B is for "cannot access boot drive". Check in BIOS if you can change SATA emulation. The possible values for this are native/AHCI/SATA, IDE emulation/compatibility or RAID (although I don't think this will be on a laptop).
    Just be sure to remember the original value, just in case nothing works.

    One of the obvious error messages; check BIOS and make sure the right boot order is set.
  5. I've tried all of the above. I just ordered replacement dell os disks. If this doesnt work then I'm throwing a new hard drive in and re installing.
  6. Hello John,
    My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. Based on the above symptoms, It's more likely that you have a bad hard drive or a corrupt restore partition. Try running the hardware diagnostics and see if it shows any errors. You can follow the instructions from .

    Also, please e-mail me your Service Tag/Order number so I can check on the warranty status My e-mail address is available in my profile.

    Dell-Kris K
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