WTF i burnt a cd with nero, took cd out, tried playing on a stero, doesnt work. so i pop it back into nero to see if it burnt, it says that 600 megs are taken up, but under my d drive nothing is showing up. i try erasing cd, then i ctrl alt dlt cuz i don wanna wait 20 minutes for it to erase, not it wont eject from the tray. the 'write' button is flashing on the burner and it WONT EJECT! WTF
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  1. Doesnt even eject after reboot? There should be a tiny hole on the front of the drive (if equiped) that allows you to eject while powered down. Just stick a long pin in there or something that fits. I use the tiny screwdriver that came w/ my swiss army knife.

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  2. Ok well now it ejected, but its still reading that there is nothing on the cd. but when i go to a diff comp it shows up that there is stuff. wtf is going on?
  3. did you ever format this disk for use with inCD -packet writing application in Nero ??

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  4. Quote:
    i try erasing cd,

    From this I guess you are using re-writeable CDs. ALL stereos I have experienced is NOT able to read CDRWs only CDRs. This has something to do with the bandwidth of the laser used for reading.

    Regarding the 'wont eject issue', this I have experienced before. I think it has something to do with the drive operating autonomously under a single 'disk erase' command and the OS cannot abort that operation once issued. Further, the drive wont let you eject the disc until the current operation is completed.
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