Acer lappy game booster software for gaming

How to apply or convert my acer lappy into gaming mode... and it should be smooth while play a game...
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  1. Game booster is a third party tool/software that only frees up some RAM usage by disabling any sorts of background applications, if you're running any.
    It's not always a guarantee that you can get better frames with it turned on. Of course you'll notice a significant boost, only if you were running any programs while playing games.

    If you want better performance, best thing you can do is buy a better one or switch to a desktop PC, because laptops' offer little to no upgrades.
  2. yes, gamebooster disables some background services, including windows aero (which feeds of the graphics card).

    I'm not sure what you are asking, because you just click on the big button to turn gaming mode on!?!
  3. To fix game lag problem you need to have a service optimizer. You can also do it manually::

    Click Start, type services.msc in the Search box. Press ENTER. Right click and stop each service which is not necessary for you.
    Also you can use a tool like PCFresher, it has feature of service optimizer.
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