Error message: check access point because TKIP 802.11n is not allowing the wirel

cannot access netflix through the blu-ray player. The message for wireless connection says to check the access point for security problems since TKIP 802.11n doesn't allow access.
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  1. It may be that the wireless security setting on your router is incompatible, but from that message, I'm not sure if it's complaining that it wants to use TKIP but TKIP isn't available, OR, it wants to use something other than TKIP (e.g., AES) and that's not available. If it's an option on your wireless router's security settings, choose TKIP + AES. Otherwise, if it's one or the other (TKIP or AES), try the other.
  2. It tells me that the WiFi security has changed and it no longer allows TKIP 802.11n to work. I think thats what it means. I says to check the access point which I assume it is the router for a differenr security number or something. I sort of gave up on streaming movies. Next week I will try again.
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