Spotty performance after change in service.

My sister had an upgrade to her internet service seven months. Since then, her laptop and table work most of the time (useable internet connection). Since then, her xbox no longer connects to the internet.

What tests can I do to determine what the problem is?

So far, she has powered her router on and off and tested via wireless and wired connection.
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  1. Make sure that UPnP is enabled. How did she upgrade her internet service? New provider, higher package or what?
  2. Same provider, higher package. Networking isn't my forte so bear with me here please. I feel like I've seen UPnP settings on both network devices and routers. I'll check both places and see if its enabled.
  3. The Xbox uses UPnP to connect to the internet, so if it's disabled that may pose an issue. Did she get any new equipment as part of the new package?
  4. Xbox LIVE requires the following ports to be open:
    •Port 88 (UDP)
    •Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
    •Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
    •Port 80 (TCP)
    Try forwarding these on your router directly.
  5. She received a new router. I'll be taking a look at it this weekend so I don't really know how she has things configured.
  6. If you have any trouble connecting the xbox to live check You should be able to find your router model and exact instructions for port forwarding there. It is very helpful!
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