Power Supply: Do I need an upgrade?

Below is my current setup. I was wondering if I will have to upgrade my Power supply when I get the Radeon 9700Pro and the nForce2. Will I need to get a 400watt or 450watt PS?

What I have now:

300 or 350 watt Power Supply (can't remember)
1.4ghz Athlon (Thunderbird)
Asus A7M266 MOBO
PC2100 512 DRR (2x256)
ATI Radeon(1) 64DDR VIVO
Hercules Game Theater XP (4 port USB hub)
Intel Pro 100 NIC
56K Modem
80GB Western Digital HD, 7200rpm
40GB Western Digital HD, 7200rpm
Pioneer DVD-Rom
Plextor 16x10x40
MS Explorer Wireless Mouse (USB)
Logitech Webcam
Sony Clie
USB Game controller
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  1. If you're running all that on a 300w psu, and it's stable, I doubt you'll need a new one.

    P@ll4dium f0r L1f3!
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