How to connect a new router to an old gateway?

I have been using a cable modem gateway - Netgear CGD24G from Charter for two years. I just bought Netgear R6300 wifi rounter in order to upgrade the speed and range for my internet. My goal is to upgrade 802.11g to 802.11ac. Is there any special way to setup it up? Or do I need to contact Charter to replace a new gateway? I am totally new about network and would be appreciate some tips and answers here. Thank you.
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    You should be able to use that cable modem.

    Hopefully you have A6200 adapters for all of your devices and have shut off the old adapters.

    You will want to turn off DHCP and uncheck the enable wireless access point box in the wireless setting of the old modem/router. Then connect an LAN port of the old modem to the WAN port of the R6300 and configure the R6300 to your network needs, including the DHCP service. For testing attach a machine with an Ethernet cable to the R6300 to insure that it is assigned an address and connects to the Internet. Then move on to configure the wireless adapters.
  2. Hi Redlbeast,

    Thank you for your reply. Do I need to change/configure IP manually for R6300?

    I also heard some people turn off DHCP from R6300 and change its LAN's IP, then connect its LAN port to the old modem/rounter's LAN port. I don't know what is the diference between these two ways. I wonder if this way will effect the speed of the internet than the way you taught me.

    Thank you,
  3. You will get the default values initially, so I would go into the configuration page and insure that the settings are what you want. I have not seen the config pages for the ac models yet, so I cannot give you any specifics but it should be similar to N routers in many ways.

    You can use the current gateway as the router if you like and just set up the 6300 as an access point by turning off its DHCP and giving it an IP address that is dynamic reserved or static in the old router. Note, that your current gateway only has Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) LAN ports while the 6300 has gigabit, so insure that you only use the old unit for the connection to the 6300 -- make all your wired connection to the 6300 or a gigabit switch attached to the 6300 if you want intranet gigabit transfers.
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  5. Did you ever get the R6300 working as a wired AP? I am in the same situation. TheR6300 only has wireless AccessPoint/bridge settings. I want to keep the R6300 on the same Subnet as the rest of my network. When I plug in the Wan port it sets up a IP address!!
  6. If you want to use the R6300 as an AP within the same network you should not use the WAN port -- use an LAN port and either give the R6300 a reserved dynamic or static address from your DHCP server.
  7. duh... That makes total sense. It's just IP pushed through the R6300 switch. Are you usung that way? Do you get 600mbs or above speeds over the dual simotanious channel wireless? I'm going to have to Ty that. I suppose if you have the gateway set for on the LAN side it will route to the old gateway router and then to the Internet. thank you!
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