Over 100 ip addresses on log in

Hello all,

I am using cradlepoint wireless router with a usb dongle. I was just notified by a software company of a program I use for business that every time I log in they get over 100 ip addresses listed for my login :o

How is this possible? I know I have a Dynamic IP Address and a mobile connection but this is crazy!

I'm using WPA2 and run a wireless network watcher for security.

Any ideas?


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  1. It sounds like a glitch in their program, because unless you own a block of IP addresses that are all public it's not possible. In fact, a lot of cell phones are NAT'd, meaning a bunch of users share a single IP.
  2. I told them that their program was glitching but they are blaming me and told me I would probably be locked out.

    It seems lately that the customer is always at blame as these companies are clueless about their own products and refuse to take responsibility.
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