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Ok, I've been getting in a debate with this guy on this forum I go to regulary and I'm trying to tell him that keeping the side panel on his case off basically defeats the purpose of having any fans in the case. He doesn't put any sort of fan to suck the hot air out when he has the side panel off.

Does anybody have a link to any studies done on case air circulation? I'd much appreciate it so I could finally prove to this guy that cases were meant to be enclosed - if they weren't, they wouldn't come with side panels in the first place!

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  1. The book Upgrading and reparing PC by Mueller have memtioned about it.
  2. Maybe something here might give him a reason to get off his stubbornness and be a bit more open about this (pun intended). :smile:

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  3. You may have a hard time changing the guy's mind. IT's always best to have the side panel on. Oh well just wish him good luck on finding his next computer

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