Creating one network with belkin modem and netgear wireless router

Basically what is happening is I have a fiber decoder whitch goes into
My belkin modem which controls my phone and Internet and with the company I am with we need that modem, I also have a netgear router so I can have wireless through my house but I want to plug LAN into the belkin router and still use the netgear for transmitting wireless

In short I want LAN in belkin but still have the netgear transmitting wireless and everything on the same network,

E.g I have a pioneer amp and I use the iPhone app icontrol over my wireless but I can't because the amp is plugged into the belkin and the app is using netgear

Sorry for Long explanation,
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  1. Convert the netgear into a AP or plug the lan ports together and disable the DHCP in the belkin. This assumes that your belkin is really a router.
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